Wood Grain Is My Palette

I have been working with wood in one format or another since I was a child and my Grandfather sold me my first whittling knife (for $0.50 because it was bad luck to give someone a knife) and taught me how to whittle a propeller. I think I was probably 10 years old, maybe younger. I began making boxes, model airplanes and furniture all from wood. This hobby became a passion through my teen years and as an adult, I continue to hone my craft. I discovered wood turning in my youth, but did not have access to a lathe until I was able to finally purchase my own. I love turning wood on the lathe.

My focus as an artist has been making beautiful wooden items that are meant to be used every day. My art is not meant to be just looked at, sitting on a shelf collecting dust. It is meant to be touched, fondled, handled and used. We use things every day, they might as well be beautiful too. Wood satisfies this, utility and beauty. I love to take a piece of wood and reveal the natural beauty that God created with the grain. I can not improve on that, I can only shape it to let the natural wood grain show through.

Each piece is hand shaped by me. That in itself makes each one unique but because the grain of every piece of wood is different, just like our finger prints, every piece has an even more dramatic uniqueness.

I love to collaborate with my customers making very special pieces that are individually designed with the specific customers desires. This has become a specialty of my shop.

My desire is to offer very high quality products that satisfy one's shared love of wood. I will not ship anything that I would not like to keep and use myself. I want to be known for high quality, fast service, and satisfied customers, to the extreme in every case!

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